KRUI Swing Dance Club Interview

I should have blogged about this weeks ago, but back on January 29th, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by our campus radio station, KRUI, about the Swing Dance Club.  It was my first time on a radio station and I had an absolute blast!  I was worried that I would be nervous while on air, but once I started talking I was fine.  It helped that I had one of our club’s co-presidents with me for the first half of the interview so that we could play off of each others answers.  The hosts were also awesome and seemed sincerely interested in learning about the swing dance community.  One even commented about our use of the words “lead” and “follow” and our obvious lack of gendered language when talking about dance partners.  I even got my Mom to listen in via KRUI’s website =).

In case anyone is interested, below is the link to the Soundcloud file of our interview.  I may have said something inaccurate about the history of swing dancing, but hopefully the interview reflects the joy and connectedness of our community.


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