Madrid y Segovia

*Please note: This post was first published on the blog I kept in 2011 while studying abroad*

This weekend my study abroad program took us to Segovia and Madrid for a three day trip.  Unfortunately we were half an hour late leaving on Friday since another student forgot his passport and had to run back to his dorm to get it. This added to a five hour bus ride meant we had quite the long morning of traveling before we reached Segovia.

The Aqueduct in Segovia
The Aqueduct in Segovia

It was my second time in Segovia so there wasn’t much new to see. I loved seeing the Roman aqueducts again. I can’t believe they were built without the use of cement or anything else holding the stones together. They have had to add cement in recent years to keep the aqueduct together due to cars exhaust eroding the stones. After lunch we went to El Alcázar (a Spanish word for castle that came from Arabic) and had a guided visit. There’s was a lot of cool art, suits of armor and paintings. We also climbed to the top of the tower which was quite the workout.


El Alcázar
El Alcázar

We then had another hour and a half bus ride to Madrid where our hotel was. The rest of that night involved dinner and playing the card game, Mao (I believe that’s the right spelling).

Saturday, we walked around  La Plaza Mayor and La Plaza del Sol. We then visited el Palacio Real where the royal family used to live.  The royal family still works there when it’s not being used as a tourist attraction. There are clocks everywhere in the palace because members of the royal family kept adding to the collection.

In front of el Palacio Real
In front of el Palacio Real

As we finished up our tour a protest was going on outside of the palace and involved most of Spain’s left wing political parties. We then had lunch at our hotel and the rest of the day was free. We went to a park once we were done eating and we had to take three different metro lines to get there. We then went souvenir shopping before returning to the hotel for dinner.

Sunday we got up bright and early to go to el Prado and saw a ton of works by Velazquez, Goya, El Greco and other artists. We then had lunch and headed back to Bilbao.



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