Toledo and Consuegra: A Don Quixote Inspired Adventure

*Please note: This post was first published on the blog I kept in 2011 while studying abroad*

This last weekend I was in Toledo and in Consuegra (a tiny town 1.5 hours from Toledo by bus).

On Friday, we arrived in Toledo after a four hour bus ride to Madrid, a half hour metro ride to the other bus station, and an hour bus ride to Toledo. We checked into our hostel after getting lost and asking a nice old couple for directions.

We then headed to Casco Histórico, the historic part of Toledo, for lunch. After lunch we wandered around, climbed the hill that Toledo sits on, and discovered some pretty cool views. We didn’t go into any of the sites since they either cost money or were closed for renovation. We went back to our hostel after dinner and prepared ourselves for the next day in Consuegra.

Toledo behind me

Oh, and for those who are interested, Spain is actually one giant mesa. The elevation of the interior (where Madrid, Toledo, and a lot of farmland are located) is much higher than the coasts. It was amazing how close the clouds were to us!

On Saturday we took a bus from Toledo to Consuegra. Just north of the town are 11 windmills (there used to be 13) that were inspired by Don Quixote’s windmills which were inspired by the original windmills of the region. I was disappointed to find out these weren’t the original windmills that inspired Cervantes (not that I’ve read the book yet…)

The windmills

It was a good hike and I loved feeling above the rest of the world since the windmills sit on a hill/ridge. There was also a castle we got to explore!

The castle! Yes that’s a crane in the background…

We returned to Toledo in time for a late lunch and then discovered the ruins of a Roman Circus (Circo Romano).



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