Excursion to Balmaseda and Portugalete

*Please note: This post was first published on the blog I kept in 2011 while studying abroad *

So Vizcaya (pronouced Bisc-eye-a) is the province that I am in and today we got to see the town of Balmaseda. It’s a beautiful medieval-styled town in the mountains around Bilbao (we were all hating the curves of the road by the time we got to lunch). In the 19th century a lot of members of the immigrated to America to make their fortune and when they returned they were called “indianos.”  As a sign of wealth they would plant palm trees.

After we ate lunch we returned to Portugalete, a city in the Bilbao metropolitan area, which is on the opposite side of the river from where most of us are staying. It’s the home (or was the home of… I’m not really sure) a really strong steal industry in Spain.


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